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Sarah MacPherson, MSc

Research Assistant III

During my Biochemistry undergraduate degree at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, I became very interested in cell metabolism research. I moved to Victoria to study lymphocyte metabolism in Dr. Julian Lum’s laboratory in the fall of 2013. Under Julian’s supervision I studied transcriptional regulation of a metabolic enzyme during the initiation of lymphocyte cell growth.


Since graduating with my M.Sc. in Biochemistry, I have continued my research in Julian’s lab, studying various T cell expansion conditions used in clinical and pre-clinical models for cell based immunotherapy. We are interested in understanding how to enhance T cell metabolism to improve T expansion ex vivo, and fitness in vivo upon adoptive transfer into patients.

I’m also working on an observational study in ovarian cancer patients studying T cell and tumour cell metabolism within the tumour microenvironment using a [U-13C]glucose tracer (iMETABO, Identifier: NCT05025878). This is the first [U-13C]glucose tracer study in Canada and the first to use [U-13C]glucose to study both tumor and immune cell metabolism in situ.


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