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Tian Zhao, MSc

PhD Candidate

I received my biology master degree in the Netherlands in 2016. I joined two research projects during my master study, one is a mechanistic study on DNA-damage-induced neurodegeneration, the other one is to develop an AAV based gene therapy for LHON disease. Results of the latter were presented at the Dutch Society for Gene and Cell Therapy symposium, March 2017. De Vrij J, van den Sanden S, Zhao T, de Coo IFM. Development of an improved ND4 gene therapy for Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy by packaging AAV in exosomes. After I completed my master, I participated in a CAR-T project, in which I screened high affinity antibodies for CAR construction. Later on I joined a CAR-NK project and established a serum-and-viral-vector-free method for generating CAR-NK cells from PBMCs.


I like traveling, cycling and running. I like rock, especially the drum. I also enjoy jazz and classical music. 


Our group has found a role of autophagy in affecting anti-tumor effect of T cells. My goal is to reveal the mechanisms underlying enhanced T cell cytotoxicity caused by autophagy depletion. Key elements involved in the mechanisms will be tested as potential therapeutic targets.


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