Mathew Hindi, BSc

I have a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Honours from McGill University in Physiology, which was granted in 2018. A big part of my degree revolved around physiological and immunological concepts, which further fostered a passion for learning more about this field and the field of cancer immunology. I will be pursuing my Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) starting in August, 2019.


In my spare time I am an extremely active person who enjoys sports (baseball, soccer, and literally any other sport), the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family!

Research Intern (RI)


Currently I am undertaking a project that looks at how fructose is metabolized in cancer cells and how we can utilize the metabolism of fructose and glucose to give CD8+ T cells a better chance of fighting certain tumours.


I find this project to be very interesting as it allows us to learn more about the intricacies of metabolism and immunology, and opens up new potential clinical trial and treatment options when it comes to cancer treatment.