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Kesia Dias, BSc

MSc Candidate

I obtained my BSc degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta (2019) and had found a strong interest to study Immunology and Infection in women’s health. Following my graduation, I worked at a family medicine practice in Edmonton for a few years, to learn more about the clinical care setting. 


I moved to Victoria to join Dr. Julian Lum’s lab at the Deeley Research Center to further expand my knowledge in Immunology through a MSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology. My research focus is studying the metabolic heterogeneity within the ovarian tumor microenvironment and exploring novel targets, such as carbonic anhydrase IX, to enhance lymphocyte responses in cancer immunotherapy. 

Outside of the lab, I enjoy hiking new trails, and indoor bouldering with my partner. I also have two wonderful cats that love all the attention that they can get!


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